Enhance the speed of your site.

If you are facing issues that are affecting the performance rate of the site then you are in the right place. Is your WordPress Website is facing a slow loading issue? Do you want services to fix your slow loading problem and change it into fast loading? WordPressNinja is here at your services.

Our Work Process

WordPress Website Speed Optimization Service

We provide the following services for Optimizing your WordPress Website Speed.

Optimize Directory of WordPress Website

Our WordPress Developer will help to optimize your data directory by reducing all the obsolete data and upgrade the performance of your website.

Amending lethargic Plugins

Well the Plugin enhance the functionality of the website but some of them can make lethargic moves in a website. We will analyze them and repair or replace them with another one.

Image Squeezing

In the process of analysis, the loading issue is created by high resolution  images and assets. We will squeeze the size of the images and improve the page loading time by reducing the page side and optimize all the image assets in order to reduce page size to get better speed score.

Caching Issue

Our team improves your site speed by setting up a saved form of your site. At the point when user gets to another page on your WordPress site, the documents would be stacked from their browser, and not the server, bringing about a superior execution of your site. We introduce best WordPress plugins to deal with caching demands for your site.

Responsive Website

Our developers can build responsive website flawlessly and they make sure that the website fits in each model and run smoothly available in the market.

Optimizing HTAccess file

HTAccess regularly contains code that is easing back you down or messing up some way. We reanalyze your HTAccess design and guarantee that it’s arranged the design of a prescribed procedure.


Reason for choosing WordPressNinja

  • Follow WordPress Development Standards.
  • Choose always the best Quality Plugins.
  • Authentic Plugin Methodology.
  • Cost-effective Plugin Development.
  • Only experienced developers to work on client’s tasks.
  • Always ready for emergency support.

Our Other Services